Monday, 20 November 2017

Greenbay Supermarket Free Shipping offer!

Hello! Super vegan supermarket Greenbay are running a limited time offer of free shipping for all online orders over £10! Woohoo! This offer is available until 23rd November at 11am, for postcodes in England and Wales.

Greenbay offer a great variety of products at nicely comparable prices, including Schlagfix creams, Mozzarisella, Sgaia, Follow Your Heart, just loads of goods. I'm literally typing in each brand I think of and they sell it so far!

Just head here: Now may even be a good time to consider stocking up for events on and surrounding the 25th December (I didn't say it!)

Hope this helps!

Body Shop Black Friday Sale!

Hello! It seems the UK has fully embraced black Friday, which whilst it means an annoying amount of pop ups and adverts, can also mean it's a good time to stock up on a variety of items you use frequently!

The first I have to tell you about is The Body Shop's black Friday offer. This is a code (19806) which gives you 40% off 'hundreds' of items, as well as free delivery when you spend over £5.
NOTE: Not everything in The Body Shop is vegan, so if you're unsure, either double check this list: (not my list, thanks alien on toast!) or give it a miss until you can be sure.

For everything in the sale, just head here: Body Shop black Friday

This offer is available online until 28th November, 9am, or in store until end of business 27th November in store.

Sometimes extra offers can be combined with these sales, so I'll keep an eye out and update if discovered!

Little side note of joy! Don't forget, The Body Shop is no longer owned by L'oreal, but by cruelty free brand 'Natura'. Yay!

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tyne Chease offer!

Hello! Luxury nut cheese makers Tyne Chease have an offer running at the moment which may be good for certain festivities coming up which I won't mention again yet...

Tyne Chease are definitely premium chease makers and as such, this may not be the cheapest offer I've ever shared with you. But they are also lovely and popular, so I feel many of you would want to know about this!

For a Limited time, you can buy a trio giftset for £20.00 instead of £24.85! This features their smoked, cashew truffle and Ethiopian spice varieties. They can be frozen where they last for 3 months, otherwise they will last 1 month when refrigerated. There is postage to consider, for me in England, with just the trio giftset, it was estimated at £3.40. So I guess in a way you can consider this offer free postage plus a little off which is nice!

Just head here for this set:

As another little note, they also have a lovely selection box for £18.95 which has mini 20g portions of 10 types of chease. Depending on why you would like some, this may be a more suitable option for you!

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Linda McCartney sausages on offer in Tesco!

Hello! Linda McCartney is usually on an offer somewhere, however this recent offer on their sausages at Tesco is one of the better ones! Until 21/11/2017 you can get a pack of 6 of their regular sausages for just £1.00! This offer is online and in store. Now might be a good time to get a few packs if you want them ready for Christmas (I'm sorry!)

That's the only item in the range on offer this time...for now...

Hope this helps!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Boots meal deal

Hello! This post is about Boot's meal deal, where you get a sandwich, a snack and a drink for £3.39. There are two vegan sandwiches in this meal deal, including the new festive parsnip fritter one, as well as the Louisiana cajun fritter! Obviously, it is cheaper to just make a sandwich at home, but the sometimes you can't or you just don't want to.

Today I got the new sandwich, plus a quite expensive graze snack box and a drink, meaning I saved £2.05 compared to buying each item separately. There is quite a lot of choice in terms of drinks and snacks as it includes everything from flavoured water to full bottles of brands such as coca-cola or fanta (I know this brand is not for everyone, just as an example), as well as quite a few crisps and interesting nibbles such as these graze boxes (I got a dark chocolate cherry tart one with pecans, dried fruit and dark chocolate buttons in, very nice!). This is the first meal deal I've bought that actually felt worth it, plus the new sandwich is really good!

So if you need a reasonable meal deal, this is a good one to pick!

Hope this helps!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Sainsbury's now sell Freedom Mallows!

Hello! I'm here to tel you that Sainsbury's now stock Freedom Mallows!!

This is not a post about any offer on them, however it can help save you money as they are a little cheaper than elsewhere. They are being sold for £2.00 a pack with the mini mallows (mallow bites) and larger vanilla mallows being available. Often this are sold for around £2.50 a pack, so if you buy them often, this could help save a fair bit! Good for hot chocolates, baking, most things you'd want a mallow for really.

I appreciate people like to buy from independent stores, so this post may not be of interest to everyone.

Hope this helps!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Love Seitan half block offer!

Hello! Lovely still quite new Seitan joy bringer Love Seitan have an offer for this week on their half blocks of seitan! You can choose your 4 flavours from their different varieties and pay £20.00 instead of £29.90! What's more...FREE POSTAGE! Woohoo!

Just head here: and make your selections.

Hope this helps!

Oatly at Morrisons

Hello! Morrisons have all the varieties of Oatly on offer, including Barista! All varieties are currently £1.25 until 7th January 2018! So there's a while to stock up!

Very simple. Hope this helps!

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Fry's Ocado offer with added Groupon

Hello! I have a deal within a deal for you today! Never ending, or beginning on an ever spinning...I've gone off track.

Fry's are back with another excellent deal on Ocado. This time it is 3 products for £6! Includes their whole range except the roast. This is available until 28th November. Don't forget there is a minimum spend of £40 and varying delivery costs.

Groupon offer: Usually I add about checking places such as vouchercodes for extra offers on your Ocado shop. I still recommend this! However right now Groupon are also selling codes which allow you to save extra money on your shop! These go quickly, however currently you can get £40 to spend plus free 3 months delivery for £29, or £60 to spend plus free 6 months delivery for £44! This offer only appears to be available until midnight tonight!

If you haven't used Groupon before, very simply sign up, buy and pay for a voucher on the groupon site and they will email you a code which you then use on Ocado as a voucher/coupon. The value will then be taken off your shop! Just head here for Ocado Groupon vouchers: They only have a limited number of codes to give out so often they sell quickly for places such as Ocado.

Hope this helps!

Monday, 30 October 2017

VBites reduced!

VBites have some lovely offers and packages (see further down for the winter warmer offer!) in their online store right now! This includes (deep breath in...):

Vegideli beef style strips now 50p
Gourmet burgers now £1.00
Fish style fingers now £1.00
Southern fried chicken style pieces now £1.00
Fish style cakes now £1.00

They all have a short shelf life (but perfectly fine to get them shipped to you still in date!) however they can all be frozen. Wahey!

VBites are also currently offering a lovely sounding 'winter warmer' pack for just £20.00. This includes blue style cheezly, mozzarella style cheezly, lincolnshire style sausages, chicken style pieces, beef style pieces, meat free meatballs, meat free mince, beef style pasties and a gammon style and leek quiche. Very nice!

VBites have a minimum order value of £15.00 and shipping costs range from £5.50 for orders up to £49.99, £3 for orders £50.00 to £99.99 or free for orders over £100. Please do consider this when placing an order! (Also for Saturday delivery it's £10).

Hope this helps!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Waitrose news!

Hello! Waitrose have released a whole new range of vegan (as part of vegetarian) foods! Some of this is currently on offer, so I'm telling you about it!

First, they've released Vivera products, which I believe was previously only easily accessible via Ocado. In my local store, this is on offer, with the pulled veggie and shawarma kebab packs going down to £2.24 from a previous price. However online it doesn't suggest this is a reduction. On Ocado the pulled veggie is £3.29 so this suggests it is a reduced price...Who knows?! Either way, it'll save money to not have to add it to a £40+ shop on Ocado, which is nice!

They also have some ready made meals available that are vegan. Woohoo! This includes a green thai curry (no fish involved, how awesome?!) and chilli made with soya mince. However these aren't on offer and feel quite pricey at £3.00, although not as bad as some, so I'll just leave this as a little side note.

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Tesco packet cheese sauce mix!

Hello! I'm back again with something that isn't an offer, but may help you to save money and still eat what you want (veganised, in this case!). Tesco recently released a free from cheese sauce packet mix. Not only is it milk free and egg free (it actually says vegan, wahey for clear labeling! However, this isn't online, it just says vegetarian there) but it's also gluten free.

This mix only costs 59p and just requires 200ml of plant milk to make it. However, I've tried a powder mix before that made my mouth want to run away from the taste, so I decided I'd try it out before I posted about it. I have now tried it. It's very acceptable! It's not as good as homemade cheese sauce, but it reminds me of nice packet mixes I used to eat before going to vegan, so I'm happy with it.

By costing just 59p, this means if you buy the cheapest pack of suitable pasta from Tesco (20/30p depending what type you buy) and add this, you can make a vegan mac and cheese for well under £1. I added salt and pepper to my sauce to make it just right for me. If you want to push it further, I also added VBites chorizo which was going out of date on the day I purchased it from Holland and Barrett, meaning I only paid 82p for it. You could also add some veg, such as cauliflower, broccoli, peas or spinach if you want to add something healthy but still keep it at a reasonable price.

Here's what to look out for. In my Tesco it was in the free from section.

Hope this helps!

Monday, 9 October 2017

Frys Ocado offer!

Hello! Frys is on offer at Ocado again. Yay! This deal is a particularly good one too. Most of their products are currently half price, meaning they are under £2 a box (except the country roast which is more expensive to begin with). This offer seems to happen twice a year, so now would be an excellent time to stock up ready for Christmas.

This offer is available until 31/10/2017, however stock keeps selling out, so if you see all of your favourites in stock it's worth getting your order in! Don't forget to consider postage if you don't have a voucher which makes this free.

Just head here to see what's on offer:

Ocado also have lots of offers available, particularly for first time shoppers, both on their site and from places such as, so have a quick look to see if there is an offer that suits you!

Hope this helps!

Follow Your Heart has landed!!

Hello! If you haven't heard, Follow Your Heart now has 3 products in Sainsburys! Yaaaaay! It is their original vegenaise, honey mustard dressing and caesar dressing.

You may be thinking 'how is this saving me money you mad magpie??' Well, 2 ways! Firstly, I know a large number of people travel to get their jars of vegenaise. With it being in a major supermarket, this could save a lot of time and money in travel. Secondly, the jar is only £2.50! The two dressings are £3.25. Considerably cheaper than some places.
However, I appreciate that people like to support their local independent stores, this is just for information for those who would like to buy it from a supermarket.

This news was first released by blogger Fat Gay Vegan, you can see his post here:

I don't believe there is currently a list of stores that stock them, but as soon as there is, I'll update this post as quickly as possible!  Here's the store list (thanks again to Fat Gay Vegan!):

If you can't find it in your shop (it should be in the fridge section with their vegan cheeses), try asking the customer service desk as they can look up when it should be coming in or if it's out the back of the store and not yet on the shelves.

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Love Seitan offer!

Hello! Lovely new company Love Seitan are running an offer on half blocks of their seitan. You can pick from 5 different flavours and get 2 half blocks for just £12.95. The weight is 800g. The offer is on until Friday, so be quick if you want some seitan!

Just head here: and place the two flavours you want in your basket.

What's more! There is FREE SHIPPING!! I love those words.

Hope this helps!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Animal Aid Sale Items!

Hello! The wonderful charity Animal Aid has an online shop full of delicious and useful things, including household and toiletries. At the moment they have a few lovely things reduced, including Pernigotti bars, Booja Booja truffles and a variety of toiletries.

To find all the sale items, just click here:

There are postage costs, with orders under £15 costing £2.50 postage. However by buying from Animal Aid you're also supporting a great charity!

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Sainsburys Oatly Offer!

Hello! Sainsbury's have a particularly good Oatly offer on all of their long life milks! Not only is original just £1.00, but so is chocolate, organic and BARISTA! Time for a barista fiesta! No? Ok.

This offer is available in store and online until 10th October.

Hope this helps! *toots a fiesta whistle*

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Tesco Oatly offer!

Hello! Quite a quick post today. Tesco currently have an offer on Oatly fresh products, including their oat creme fraiche and custard! The creme fraiche also works well as sour cream, now would be a good time to try it if you haven't yet!

These offers are valid until 26th September and are available in stores and online.

Hope this helps!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Ocado Pudology offer!

Hello! Ocado have a lovely offer at the moment on their whole Pudology range! Until the 3rd October, you can get 20% off all the Pudology they stock. This includes banoffee twin pack and the large pud tubs.

Just head here to see the range and to have a little shop:

Don't forget to also have a look at what other offers Ocado are currently offering, including Alpro Go On at 4 for £3 and the new Vivera brand of burgers and mock meats at 2 for £5.

Also! Don't forget to check out sites such as to see if there is a voucher suitable for your shop.

Hope this helps!

Dream vouchers!

Hello! There are some dreamy vouchers to print if you like or want to try 'Dream' products, including their milk and ice cream.

Very simple, head here: and follow the instructions. Note you can't do this on a tablet, it appears to require a laptop to have printer access. You then get £6 worth of vouchers, 3 x £1.50. Very nice!

If you're considering what to buy with them, perhaps consider Tesco's offer on longlife Oat dream at just £1.00.

Hope this helps!

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Holland and Barrett buy one get one half price offer

Hello! So the penny sale has ended (booo!). But they have another offer on (Yaaay!). Currently they have many products of offer or as part of buy one get one half price, including Follow Your Heart vegan egg, nakd bars, lentil chips and coconut oils!

This offer is in store or online until the 26th September.

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Moo free offer in Morrisons!

Hello! Morrison's currently have an offer on Moo Free baking drops and mini bars!

Until 12th September, Moo Free baking drops are reduced from £2.72 to just £2.18 and mini bars are reduced from 81p to 75p. Might be a good time to stock up if you're a keen baker! Or just like the chocolate (melted, to eat with a spoon...I'm not speaking from experience at all... ...)

This offer is online and in store.

Hope this helps!

Love Seitan offer!

Hello! A new seitan company is in town (online) and they have a launch offer! Until the end of August, you can get 15% off any order by using the code 'LAUNCH15'. Not only that, all orders are free delivery! You all know they're my 2 favourite words! So have another exclamation mark!

Just head here: and pick from a tasty sounding range of seitan from The Seitan Shop, including smokey dokey, classic, curry and coriander or choose the taster pack which features all five flavours. Then when you checkout, remember to add the code. I can't wait for my taster pack!

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Ms Cupcake birthday cupcake offer!

Hello! The super delicious Ms Cupcake has a little treat for you on your birthday! A free cupcake or muffin! Wow!

Very simply head along to her Brixton store on your birthday and show a valid photo I.D. with your birthday on (passport, drivers license or another ID card) to the server and you can choose any cupcake or muffin from the cabinet that day. They have lots of yummy flavours which frequently vary, so there is sure to be a flavour you like. How lovely is that?!

This treat has been posted on Ms Cupcake's website here:

Hope this helps! And Hope you have a happy birthday when you use this treat! I'm sure the added free cupcake will make it extra sweet! I'll stop with the cheesy rhyming now.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Vegusto Burger and Cheese offer!

Hello! Here is this weekend's Vegusto offer... 15% off mushroom & no moo burgers and piquant cheese!

Just head here: add them to your basket and checkout using the code 2VEGPROD15. This offer ends midnight Monday 21st August. Don't forget to consider postage when ordering.

If you like these offers, you can sign up to Vegusto's newsletter at the bottom of their homepage (above) to get them straight to your inbox!

Hope this helps!

Monday, 14 August 2017

All Glamour No Guts offer!

Hello! The popular apparel company All Glamour No Guts have relaunched their webshop! To celebrate, they are having quite the sale, including t shirts, mugs and badges.

Just head here: all the sale items are clearly marked. You can save up to £5 on some items! Offers end 20th August.

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Pizza Express offer!

Hello! For the past couple of Wednesdays, Pizza Express have been running an offer of 2 pizzas for £10! This is on again today and I expect it'd be worth checking every Wednesday at the moment too.

It is only for selected restaurants. It excludes:
PizzaExpress Ashford McArthur Glen, Barnstaple, Bath - Southgate Centre, Bath - Theatre Royal, Bluewater, Brent Cross, Brighton - Jubilee Street, Brighton – Marina, Brighton - The Lanes, Edinburgh - George IV Bridge; Edinburgh - Holyrood; Edinburgh - North Bridge; Falmouth, Jersey - St Brelade, Newquay, Portsmouth - Gunwharf Quays, Ramsgate, St Ives, Torquay, Truro, Whitstable, Windsor, Wimbledon Village on the 12th of July, Worthing or at live music rooms.

If your local restaurant isn't on the list above, it's all good! Just head here: Enter the restaurant you would like and choose the 2 for £10 offer, then fill out your details. They also have other offers in various locations for 2 or 3 course meals.

Hope this helps!

Ocado Frys offer!

Hello! Ocado have another lovely offer on Fry's products. Until 5th September, you can get 3 items for £6 on some yummy Fry's products, or save 1/3 on their country roast.

Just head here: and add which ever products in the offer you would like! Don't forget it's a £40 minimum spend. Also don't forget to check sites such as Vouchercodes ( to see if they have any vouchers which may suit your purchase!

Hope this helps!

Edit: it appears this should be across their entire range!

Another edit: it is just selected products.

Ethcs NAGEV clothing offer!

Hello! The super lovely Ethcs (previous Ethics and Antics) have a sale on all of their 'NAGEV' range, including sweatpants, sweatshirt, hoodie and t shirt. By using the code 'NAGEV25' at the checkout, you can get 25% off, saving up to £10!

Just head here: and add the items you want to your basket, then when you checkout, add the code. There is free shipping for orders over £50, otherwise postage is £2.50 to UK addresses.

This offer is on for 1 week. See the pic below for the discounted prices.

Hope this helps!

Plamil mayo offer!

Hello! Plamil have an offer on their mayo range. Currently you can get 2 for £4 on their site! This offer is until 31st August and includes both jars and squeezy varieties.

Just head here: and choose the mayo you would like. There are shipping charges for orders under £25, so now may be a good time to stock up on your favourite plamil products!

Hope this helps!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Sainsburys ice cream and Quorn offers!

Hello! Sainsburys have a couple of lovely offers on at the moment.

First is their Alpro ice cream offer, down to £2.50, saving £1.00. They appear to stock chocolate hazelnut and vanilla. This offer is available until the 8th August.

They have also reduced the price of their Quorn vegan burgers, pieces, fishless fingers and nuggets. These are now only £2.00, saving 50p. This offer is available until 8th August also.

Hope this helps!

Grape Tree Moo Free offer!

Hello! Health food shop Grape Tree now sell Moo Free chocolate! To celebrate, Moo Free is currently on offer there. You can get 2 large bars for £5.00, or 2 small for £1.70 (I know which size I'd go for!).

They have an online shop, however it does not currently appear to be active. If I see it's back up I'll post a link here, however they also have stores, with a store locator online...which isn't so helpful right now...I've put the logo below so you know which shop to look out for if you've not heard of the before.

Grape tree have some other lovely items suitable for vegans too! They have lots of wholefoods, as well as Eat Real chips.

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Holland and Barrett Penny Sale!

Hello! Holland and Barrett have launched their penny sale! This is where you can buy one product in the offer and get another for a penny. Not everything in it is vegan and not everything vegan is in it, however you can find items such as Ten Acre crisps and popcorn, Hippeas chickpea puffs and Goody Good Stuff sweets.

Just head here: or head into your local store. Online you can either browse through the selection or if you know what you may be looking for, look it up to see if it's in the offer! This offer is available until 29th August.

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Ms Cupcake no refined sugar offer!

Hello! The celebrate the launch of their new no refined sugar range, the super tasty Ms Cupcake is offering 15% off of their online shop! Just add the products you would like to your basket (I believe it's only the no refined sugar products) and add the code 'Unrefined' at the checkout! This offer is available for 2 weeks.

Head here to start shopping:

Their no refined sugar range features some great flavours including banana strawberry muffins, peach raspberry muffins and brazil nut brownie. Yum! Here's a couple of pics to show how great they look!

These are the brazil nut brownie and the peach raspberry muffin.

Don't forget to consider the postage costs when placing an order.

Hope this helps!

Monday, 24 July 2017

The Body Shop 40% off

Hello! Sorry this is a bit of a late one, but The Body Shop are offering 40% off until 9am tomorrow! Just head to the site, add the items to your basket that you want (vegan products are labelled 100% vegan) and add the code 19806 to the checkout. It's free postage when you spend £15 at the moment too!

Don't forget to also sign up for a Love Your Body club card as you will get a £5 voucher to spend on your birthday, no minimum spend!

Now that The Body Shop are being sold to a more ethical company, I'll try to feature their offers more on my blog. As I've said above, they label vegan products and more products seem to be becoming vegan. For example, their new Banana Hair Mask is vegan, whereas the older Banana Shampoo and Conditioner are not as they contain honey. I'm hoping in the future this may change though since they've not added honey to the mask!

Hope this helps!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Vegusto cheese offer!

Hello! This week's Vegusto weekend offer is all about cheese! Until Monday 24th July at midnight, they are offering 25% off of their best cheeses: no-moo piquant, mild aromatic and mild and soft. Yay! Just add the 200g packs to your basket and use the code 3VEGBEST25 at the checkout.

Just head here to start shopping:

Vegusto often do weekend offers that come by email, so if you're interested in Vegusto, I highly recommend signing up to their newsletter (at the bottom of their web page).

Don't forget to add postage costs when considering an order.

Hope this helps!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Vegusto Sausage offer!

Hello! Super vegan meats and cheese company Vegusto have yet another excellent offer running this weekend. Until midnight Monday 17th July, you can get 15% off their farmhouse, onion and herb sausages, hotdogs and gluten free sausages (not the pepper sausages)! Something for everyone! Just enter the code: ALLVEGSAUS15 at the checkout.

Just head here: and get shopping!

Don't forget to factor in delivery costs when ordering.

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Oatly offers including Barista!

Hello! I have Oatly offers from far and wide! Ok, 2 shops, but it includes all 4 longlife milks!

Tesco offers

All 4 are reduced to £1.20, saving you up to 60p a carton if you opt for Barista! These offers are available until 1st August! Available online and in store.

Waitrose offers

Original is just £1.08, organic and chocolate are £1.16 and Barista is £1.38, saving up to 47p a carton! Available until 8th August! Available online and in store.

So if you can shop in Tesco, this is the best deal, but if Waitrose is your local, this is a great deal too!

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Pulsin Veganuary pack!

Hello! Yummy snack bar makers Pulsin have a lovely Veganuary pack available for just £7.99.

It features 5 brownies, 4 protein booster bars, 2 protein sachets and a recipe booklet. To purchase it just head here: This would be great if you already love them, or really want to try Pulsin! It appears to be free postage too! Yay!

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Morrisons Fry's offer!

Hello! It BBQ season and Morrison's have an offer on Fry's traditional burgers and sausages to help with this! Until the end of August, both the traditional burgers and traditional sausages are down to £2 online and in stores.

Yay! Hope this helps.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Nakd and Trek bar offer!

Hello! Wimbledon has started! Also, Nakd/Trek have 20% off all of their berry flavours because of the tennis until 16th July 2017.

Just head here: The discount is already taken off all berry products that aren't in any other offer or mixed boxes. Just get shopping for your berry favourites.

Don't forget, Nakd/Trek offer free postage! Yay!

Hope this helps!

The Just V Show free tickets!

Hello! The Just V Show is this weekend (and combines with the Allergy and Free From Show and the Love Natural Love Organic show) and is one of not many vegan friendly shows/festivals to offer FREE TICKETS! Yay!

Very simply head here: and fill out your details. Your ticket will then be emailed to you.

This year is at Olympia London on the 7-9th July.

Whilst it isn't entirely vegan (the Just V Show is vegetarian, whilst the Allergy and Free From Show is for free from food, including gluten free etc) loads of vegan brands go. For example this year there will be Follow Your Heart, Moo Free, Miiro, Bute Island Foods, Fry's just to name a few! From previous year experience, the stalls know what's in their food so a quick check is all you'll need to do if you're unsure about certain stalls. Often at events like this you can find some great deals on your favourite brands!

A list of exhibitors can be found here: Be sure to click the little links near the top to get the other show's exhibitors too so you can see the full range of who will be there!

Hope this helps!

Friday, 30 June 2017

Alpro Go On Go On Go On Offer!

Hello! Sainsbury's have an excellent online offer at the moment! For 15,555 customers (odd number that!) if you do an online shop with Sainsbury's you can add an Alpro Go On strawberry and raspberry flavour to your basket, then at the checkout add the code 'FREEALPROGOON' and you get the Go On absolutely FREE!!

This offer ends either when all 15,555 are claimed, or on 18th July, whichever comes sooner. It can't be used with any other offer for the Go On. One per household. Also don't forget it's online only! So if you're doing an online shop anyway, it's well worth it.

Here's a link to the offer:

Whilst there, it's also worth looking at sites such as and Sainsbury's own website for extra offers, particularly if it's your first shop! 

Hope this helps!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Holland and Barrett Vita coco coconut oil offer!

Hello! Ever popular coconut oil is on offer at Holland and Barrett! I'm specifically talking about the 'Vita Coco' brand, one which is extra virgin, cold pressed and organic (and uses ethically picked coconuts!) so is an all round good brand. All sizes at H&B are currently half price, including the small travel size 50ml! Available in store and online (just head here:

Offer ends 11th July!

What's more, H&B currently have a buy one get one half price offer running at the moment for many products, including peanut butter and nakd bars! Just head here to have a look through everything in the offer: This is also available until 11th July.

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Pizza Express have vegan cheese! Here's some offers.

Hello! If you hadn't heard, Pizza Express officially released their vegan cheese option today, as well as a specifically vegan pizza! Woohoo! The cheese can replace any cheese on any pizza, so this make some of the vegetarian choices vegan too. Being so accessible to so many towns and cities, this is a lovely move by Pizza Express. Anyway, I'm not here to review lovely, delicious, yummy pizza (it's really really good!) I'm here to tell you what deals you can get when eating it, making it twice as nice!

To find 2 of the offers I am about to discuss, just go here: and enter the Pizza Express you want to go to. Then choose your deal, enter your details and take your code with you to get your offer.

Offer 1: 25% off all food! This offer is until 22nd June so you don't have long, however it's the only one that you can use for collection orders too (not delivery though, such as from Deliveroo or Just Eat).

Offer 2: Starter and a main for £10.95. This is eat in only and is on until 25th June. You can get doughballs as the vegan starter option (ask for no butter and an oil instead, e.g. garlic oil, chilli oil, balsamic...) plus the vegan pizza (or any classic or leggera pizza).

BONUS OFFERS! Don't forget Pizza Express is part of Tesco clubcard boost too! To learn about this head here: this can provide you with 4 times the amount your voucher is worth, plus the voucher is free in the first place. Woohoo! This is probably the best option depending on how many vouchers you have as it could make your meal entirely free if you choose water as a drink.

Plus Nectar Cards also have the option to buy Pizza Express vouchers. Head here for more info: 

Hope this helps!